Luneta Landscape

Recalling fond memories of her time in the Philippines while her husband was Governor General, Helen Herron Taft, as First Lady in 1909, wanted to “convert Potomac Park into a glorified Luneta where all of Washington could meet…” On April 17 that year, the first musical concert was held at the Potomac Park and the Philippine Constabulary Band (a band that had performed regularly at Luneta) was one of the featured performers.  Later, Eliza Scidmore, a travel writer, encouraged Mrs. Taft to create a Japanese cherry blossom season at the park. Upon hearing about this project, the Mayor of Tokyo gifted the United States with the two thousand young trees. Today, thousands of tourists visit the park to see the lovely pink and white cherry blossoms in spring time.


Photo credit: Sharon Tee

Digital artifact

Click here to listen to a 1910 recording by the Philippine Constabulary Band.

Further information

West Potomac Park. West Basin Drive, SW.  Open to the public. Go to National Park Service for more information.


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