Sofia de Veyra, Juan Arellano, and The Arts Club of Washington

The Arts Club of Washington has been around for close to a century. Its home is the Monroe House, where former U.S. President James Monroe lived in the 1800s. From the beginning, the club has welcomed members of the Filipino community. Sofia de Verya, wife of the Philippine Resident Commissioner Jaime de Veyra, gave a lecture on the Philippines in 1921. She also presented Philippine jewelry, paintings, and fabrics. Following the lecture, Filipino musician Juan Paez played two Filipino songs on the piano. In January 1927, Juan Arellano exhibited his watercolors. His works were greatly admired though he explained that he painted only as a form of “relaxation from his real work as an architect.” He is of course best known as the architect of the Manila Central Post Office, the Metropolitan Theater, the Jones Bridge, and many other Philippine landmarks.

Sofia de Veyra

Sofia de Veyra (1921). Photo credit: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


 Photo credit: Private collection

Further information

Arts Club of Washington.  2017 I St., NW, Washington, DC.  Restricted access. For more information visit the Arts Club of Washington website


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