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In Observance of Bataan Day

Fifty-seven years ago, two streets near the Philippine Chancery in Washington, DC were named “Bataan” and “Corregidor.” Despite the gloomy weather, it was a festive occasion with US and Philippine flags adorning the lamp posts and the music provided by the Army Band. US Secretary of State Dean Rusk addressed the distinguished guests (US Chief […]

Finding Philippine Art in Washington, DC: Update and Bibliography

A little over three years ago, we published an article in Asian Journal called “Finding Philippine Art in Washington, DC”. The article was about important Filipino artists who spent some time in the metro Washington, DC area and Philippine works of art that are among Washington’s collections or currently on display at an art gallery […]

Carlos P. Romulo’s Home on Garfield St.

General Carlos P. Romulo and his family were long-time DC residents in the 1940s and 1950s, as Gen. Romulo’s lengthy career in public service – spanning eight Philippine presidencies –included appointments as General Douglas MacArthur’s aide-de-camp during the Second World War, Resident Commissioner of the Philippines, Ambassador to the United States, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, […]

I Swear: A Filipino President Took His Oath of Office in DC

In 1944, when the Philippines was counted among U.S. territories, the Department of Interior was also in charge of many Philippine-related affairs.  When Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon died in exile on August 1, 1944, Vice President Sergio Osmeña immediately took his oath as the new Commonwealth President at the office of Secretary of Interior Harold […]