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Remembering Fernando Amorsolo

We remember National Artist Fernando Amorsolo today, his 126th birthday. In this photo, he is shown completing several presidential portraits that can now be found among the art collection of the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC. His other paintings can be found among the art collections of the US Supreme Court, the Harry S. Truman […]

Finding Philippine Art in Washington, DC: Update and Bibliography

A little over three years ago, we published an article in Asian Journal called “Finding Philippine Art in Washington, DC”. The article was about important Filipino artists who spent some time in the metro Washington, DC area and Philippine works of art that are among Washington’s collections or currently on display at an art gallery […]

Painting the Town Filipino

In addition to Guillermo Tolentino’s “Pax” at the Woodrow Wilson House, the Blanco murals at the National Shrine, and Pacita Abad’s paintings at the World Bank, the works of other eminent Filipino artists can be found around DC. Fernando Amorsolo’s 1946 portrait of the last Governor General of the Philippines and U.S. Supreme Court Associate […]