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The Quezons at the White House

President Quezon and his family stayed at the White House 76 years ago last month (May 1942). Titchie’s article about that stay — based on archival documents, diaries, and vintage newspapers — appears in this week’s issue of Positively Filipino . Special thanks to Manolo Quezon. Photo Credit: The Philippines on the Potomac Project Collection. Last […]

FDR Signs Philippine Independence Bill

84 years ago today, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Philippine Independence Bill aka Tydings-McDuffie Act. This is one of the original photo press releases. From left to right: US Sen. Joseph O’Mahoney; US Secretary of War Dern; Phil. Sen. Elpidio Quirino; Manuel Quezon,who was then President of the Philippine Senate; US Sen. Millard […]


The easiest Valentine’s Day post to write is probably on the history of heartbreak in DC: the unhappy love story of Douglas MacArthur and Isabel Rosario Cooper (early 1930s), the broken engagement of Nina Thomas and Manuel Quezon (around 1916-1917), and the story (circa 1905) of the Sultan of Sulu and Alice Roosevelt, the headstrong […]

Two Presidents at the Union Station

We visited Union Station a few days ago and we think we found the exact spot where US President Franklin Roosevelt welcomed Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon and his family in May 1942. President Quezon, other Commonwealth officials, and their families were in exile in DC during the Second World War. (Photo credit: Quezon Family […]

Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle

“…he at least had one daughter near him. But even with her he seldom discussed what might have been happening to those in the Philippines for he did not wish to aggravate her own fears and anxieties. He thus generally suffered alone in silence. But he evidently found some solace from hearing mass every morning […]

Georgetown University

Fr. John Schumacher SJ, the leading authority on Philippine Church History, obtained his PhD in History from Georgetown in 1965. Decades earlier, several Filipino and American Jesuits studied at both Woodstock College (a Jesuit seminary in Woodstock, MD that existed until about 1969) and at Georgetown, prior to the beginning of their Philippine ministry. Some […]

I Swear: A Filipino President Took His Oath of Office in DC

In 1944, when the Philippines was counted among U.S. territories, the Department of Interior was also in charge of many Philippine-related affairs.  When Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon died in exile on August 1, 1944, Vice President Sergio Osmeña immediately took his oath as the new Commonwealth President at the office of Secretary of Interior Harold […]