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From the February 23, 1926 issue of the Washington Post: “Filipino residents of this city commemorated [George Washington’s 194th] birthday anniversary with a meeting at the Playhouse, 1814 N street northwest. The principal speaker was Senator Sergio Osmena, president protem of the Philippines’ senate. Others who spoke were Representative James A. Frear, of Wisconsin; Clyde H. […]

I Swear: A Filipino President Took His Oath of Office in DC

In 1944, when the Philippines was counted among U.S. territories, the Department of Interior was also in charge of many Philippine-related affairs.  When Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon died in exile on August 1, 1944, Vice President Sergio Osmeña immediately took his oath as the new Commonwealth President at the office of Secretary of Interior Harold […]

The Willard Hotel

The Willard is a historic hotel that has played host to many U.S. Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, just before his inauguration in 1861. The Willard has also been home to many important Filipino gatherings, such as Manuel Quezon‘s farewell banquet in August 1916. This was at the end of Quezon’s term as Resident Commissioner, the […]